Faith in the face of reality

I want to start with a very simple idea: this world is not the way it was meant to be.



It’s Travis Greene coming out of the speakers this morning, though his voice is nearly drowned out by the hum of conversations and shrieking toddlers sporting bunny ears and the scrape of metal folding chairs against the concrete floor in this repurposed warehouse-gymnasium-sanctuary. The pastor walks by and I can’t help asking, “Where’d you find … Continue reading East


Today the aesthetic is salted caramel on my tongue and leaves that tease autumn on yellow-tinted edges; damp hair chilling the back of my neck to contradict the warm inner fuzz of a new sweatshirt; a bench painted in psychedelic colors while someone at the heart of the pedestrian mall behind me is playing a saxophone. A homeless man I have seen out here before is sitting on the edge of a cement retaining wall fifteen yards away. I know I will pass him when I get up to leave but I have nothing to give him.