About Claire

During the day I am a substitute teacher, and when I go home I’m a PhD student in Middle Eastern studies, dog aunt, Tolkien enthusiast, and sporadic writer. Other hobbies include quilting, buying more books than I can read, and making the people I grew up with uncomfortable when I complain about white supremacy, the patriarchy, and imperialism. I’m fond of Jesus and post-evangelical liberation theologies. Also, I’m 6’2”, so I’m always bumping my head on things and scouring the interwebs for clothes that fit.

Other writing I’ve done can be found here:

A 2019 essay for the Asymptote blog called “Blocages and Barricades: Les Misérables and French Dissatisfaction.”

A 2018 essay for the Asymptote blog called “Teaching and Learning Narrative Identity.”

A 2018 essay for the Asymptote blog called “Translating le multilinguisme.”

My English translation of Mortada Gaza’s story “بينما هو كذلك/While he was sitting there” in Words Without Borders in 2018.

My undergraduate thesis, “Sens et saveur: l’art de traduire dans un cadre multilingue.”

Latest posts:

Everything is true and none of it happened

This is a work of fiction. Although it draws from real experiences, both mine and those of others, any attempt to identify “real” people or events will come up empty. As a whole it is emotionally true to my experience as an evangelical teenage girl in the early 2010s, even though it is not a documentary.

Stations: a meditation

“I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40 MSG This year, as I thought about the Passion, I tried to consider, “Who am I in this story, in this scene, and who are we, collectively? How do we think we are, and… Continue Reading →

Dance with me

I am standing in the middle of the space we have cleared for dancing when it happens. I look around and find my counterpart, the sorry excuse for a best man, arguing with the bride, who has just finished her first dance with the groom. My hackles rise. Who picks a fight with a bride at her wedding, especially while… Continue Reading →

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